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Dovvnload Free Obscure Text, Obscure Text 1.0 Dovvnload

EditByBrothersoft: Write a graphical utility to Disguise or obscure words in a text file. As you have noticed by now, console applications that use the command-line interface and write to the user with System.out.println calls are not very convenient. Take what you have learned about graphical programming while writing games and apply the same to a GUI application that reads from a file, makes some changes to the text, and writes the changed text to a new file. Input will be changed by replacing lowercase letters ("a" to "z") with random lowercase letters, uppercase letters ("A" to "Z") with random uppercase letters, and Digits ("0" to "9") with random digits. Only these characters will be changed, and only on lines selected by the user. Give the user the option of changing every line, every second line, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth, or twelfth line. Give the user the option of selecting lines either sequentially (for example, every tenth line) or randomly with a given probability (for example, one in ten). Show the changed text in a scrolling output area. Give the user a button to open an input file, according to the options selected. Give the user another button to save the changed text in an output file, and a third button to Exit from the application. you can free dovvnload Obscure Text 1.0 now.

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